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IT1.24 Brake Disc R9 - OD 220mm, ID 58mm, PCD 67mm, Bolt Size 8mm, Indent..

IT 1.25 Brake Disc GY6-200 - OD 220mm, ID 59mm, PCD 58mm, Bolt size 10mm, Flat..

IT1.26 Brake Disc WH100 - OD 180mm, ID 58mm, PCD 68mm, Bolt Size 10mm, Flat..

IT1.27 CG/GN,OD - 265mm,ID - 50mm,PCD - 67mm, Bolt - 8mm,Rim (A192A)..

IT1.28 Brake Disc Bolt,8mm..

IT1.29 Brake pads GY6-125 41 x 40 x 8

IT1.30 Brake pads 60 x 40 x 8

IT1.31 Brake pads CA 250

IT1.32 Brake pads

IT1.33 Brake pads

IT1.34 Brake pads

IT1.35 Brake pads

IT1.36 Brake pads

IT1.37 Brake pads

IT1.38 Brake pads

IT1.39 Brake pads

IT1.40 Brake pads

IT1.41 Brake pads

IT1.43 Brake pads Linhai YP 250

IT1.44 Brake pads Linhai YP 250

IT1.45 Brake pads

IT1.46 Brake sensor CG 125 rear

IT1.47 Brake sensor GY6 front

IT1.48 Brake shoes GY6-125 - Shoes (Small) – 105*24.5mm (Scooter)..

IT1.49 Brake shoes GS 125 - Large – 125*27.5mm (On/Off)

IT1.50 Brake shoes CBT,120*30mm..

IT1.51 Buffer rubbers JD 100 Set of 4 Length - 78mm Thickness – 20mm..

IT1.52 Buffer rubbers GS 125 Hole ID 46mm..

IT1.53 Buffer Rubbers JH70 - (110cc) Set of 4Length 69mm Thickness 15mm..

IT1.74 Brake Calliper - Single piston with Brake pads, Mounting holes - 45mm (centre/centre), Thread - 6mm&..

IT1.75 Brake Calliper Double Piston with Brake pads, Mounting Hole - 45mm (centre/centre), Thread - 6mm..

IT1.84 Brake Fluid Canister / BottleWith 300mm Hose..

IT1.111 JH70/110 Chain Adjuster Hole - 13mmThread - 6mm..

IT1.112 CGChain Adjuster Hole 18mmThread 6mm..

IT1.113 Chain 520H116L / 120L + Master Link ..

IT1.114 428H100Links + M/Link..

IT1.115 428H132L + M/link..

IT1.227 CG Rear Sprocket Hub PCD 80mm Sprocket ID 64mm (Matching Sprocket - A130A)..

IT1.228 GN, PCD = 79mm,Sprocket ID = 58mm,Sprocket (A42B)..

IT1.229 110cc Rear Sprocket Hub PCD 70mm Sprocket ID 54mm (Matching Sprocket - A149A)..

IT1.261 Lever with Pouch - Left – 10mm Mirror hole + Limit Switch..

IT1.262 GY6 Right HandWith LeverMirror Hole 8mm..

IT1.263 GY6 Left handWith LeverNo Mirror hole..

IT1.264 GY6 Left handWith LeverNo Mirror hole..

IT1.265 Mounting holes 40mmStriker Length 115mm..

IT1.266 Mounting holes 45mmStriker Length 75mm..

IT1.267 Mounting holes 45mmStriker Length 75mm..

IT1.268 Mounting holes 50mmStriker Length 75mm..

IT1.269 Mounting holes 40/50mmStriker Length 105mm..

IT1.309 Front,1.60 x 21",Axle + Speedo Drive,Disc Brake (A192B)..

IT1.310 Rear - 1.85 x 18 Rim & ShaftBrake Disc (A154B)Sprocket (A42A)..