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IT1.172 CH 250 PCD 165mm..

IT1.173 2 Pin - 12V..

IT1.174 3 Pin - 12V..

IT1.176 3 Wires - 12V..

IT1.185 Fuse HolderWith Fuse..

IT1.186 YBR 125Solenoid with Fuse..

IT1.214 Headlight12V - 35/35W Double Pin..

IT1.215 Headlight 12V/35/35W3 Pin..

IT1.216 IndicatorOrange12V10W..

IT1.217 IndicatorClear12V10W..

IT1.218 Headlight Thin Head12V35/35W..

IT1.219 Tail light 12V 21/5W..

IT1.223 Hooter 12V..

IT1.224 Linhai 260/300HT CoilSteel Bar / 2 Pin With Sprakplug cap..

IT1.225 GY6 - 2 Pin..

IT1.226 CG - Steel BarSingle Pin..

IT1.230 Ignition with lock sets..

IT1.231 CG 125 M - Universal 4 Wire..

IT1.232 LEDOrange Flash10mm Stud.

IT1.246 LED Headlight GlobeDouble Pin..

IT1.247 LED Headlight Globe3 PinMulti Colour Beam..

IT1.248 LED Headlight Globe..

IT1.249 HeadlightRoundOD 160mm8 LED's..

IT1.250 LED 5 HeadlightRectangle105mm x 165mm8 LED's..

IT1.251 LED Rectangle 6With mounting bracket155mm x 45mm..

IT1.252 LED Light - Rectangular Medium6 LED'sWith Housing110mm x 80mm..

IT1.253 3 PinLight Beam - White only..

IT1.254 LED Light Small - Round6 LED'sOD 60mmWith Housing..

IT1.203 FXD 125 – 5 Wire, 1*Red, 1*Pink, 1*Black, 1*Yellow, 1*Green..

IT1.303 GY6-125 – 4 Pin - No Wire..

IT1.304 CG 200 - 2 Plug; 3 Phase - 6 Wire; 1*Blue, 1*Black, 1*Red, 3*Yellow..

IT1.305 CG 200 - 2 Plug; 3 Phase - 6 Wire; 1*Blue, 1*Black, 1*Red, 3*Yellow..

IT1.306 CG 200 - 2 Plug; 3 Phase - 6 Wire; 1*Blue, 1*Black, 1*Red, 3*Yellow..

IT1.306 LS 110 Rectifier – 4 Pin (No Wire)..

IT1.307 QJ 250 F – 6 Pin (No Wire).

IT1.308 QJ 250 – 5 Pin (No Wire)..

AA26.6 Chinese stator coils

AA26.7 Handlebar switch right hand

AA26.8 Handlebar switch right hand

AA26.9 Handlebar switch left hand

AA26.10 Handlebar switch left side

AA26.11 Handlebar switch left side

AA26.14 Handlebar switch left with safety kill switch

AA26.13 Handlebar switch left side with safety kill switch

AA 26.15 Handle bar switch right switch

AA26.16 Handle bar switch right scooter

AA26.17 Handle bar switch left

AA26.18 HT coil

AA26.19 HT coil

AA26.20 HT coil

AA26.21 HT coil