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AA100.8 Cable CG 125 Speedo

AA100.9 Cable clutch KX/ CR / WR / KTM / RM/ YZ / etc

AA24.5 Suzuki GS 500 F '09 throttle cable

AA24.6 Suzuki RM 125/250 throttle cable

AA24.10 Suzuki VL 800 choke cable

AA24.7 Suzuki PE 175 throttle cable

AA24.8 Suzuki GSXR 750 clutch cable

AA24.10 Suzuki VL 800 choke cable

AA24.11 Suzuki RMZ 450 '05 - '07 throttle cable

AA24.15 Suzuki LTR 450 '06 - '09 throttle cable

AA65.9 Speedo cable

AA73.14 Choke cable

Sroofw1.1 Choke cable outer 80mm , inner 95mm

AA78.33 Choke cable outer 65mm , inner 72.5mm

SRoofw1.3 Front brake cable quad outer 117mm , inner 128mm

AA79.23 Throttle cable quad outer 67mm inner 77mm